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Social Updates

A beautiful day and great time was had at our Easter egg hunt! A record amount of thirty five children participated for the egg hunt, bunny visit, and treats.

Our annual subdivision BBQ picnic is scheduled for Saturday, June 21st. We plan to have the same delicious catered meal as in years past along with children activities. New this year, we plan to have an outdoor family movie at dusk, so mark your calendars!

We are working on updating our subdivision directories. If you have changed your contact phone number or email address from what was listed in previous directories, please let us know ASAP.

Landscape Renovation Project Update

The Landscape Renovation Project, Phase One and Two, have been completed. This includes the entire Walton Frontage plus the Four Entrance Corners. Based on the severe winter, the Board will be evaluating the condition of all the new plantings and work with the contractor to replace as necessary. Some enhancements will also be considered based on some residents’ input and suggestions.

The majority of this year will be spent on developing a plan to finalize the Entrances Signage requirements and design. Additionally, will also develop an overall Lighting Plan for the Walton Frontage. Based on budgetary constraints, we do not anticipate making any major expenditures on landscaping this year.

Road Resurfacing

At last November’s annual meeting, we announced that the Board has been working diligently with the City of Rochester Hills to have the Grosse Pines roads resurfaced. The present Grosse Pines roads are 20 years old and beyond repair. The City has completed the bidding process and, on April 7, City Council awarded the contract to resurface the roads to Cadillac Asphalt, LLC.

We are pleased to announce that the City has officially informed the Board that Grosse Pines roads will be completely resurfaced in May and June of 2014. A detailed plan is being developed by the City and will be available in early May.

Subsequent communications will be distributed as the resurfacing project dates are confirmed and more specific information and requirements are available.

The Board is very grateful to the Mayor and Engineering Department for all their assistance in making the project possible. Repaving our roads was not planned for many years due to budget shortages in the City of Rochester Hills. Your board has worked hard with the city to make this project possible at no cost to us. The Board is very excited the project was approved and is looking forward to our new paved roads, from which we will all benefit.

Please be considerate of your neighbors!

The Board again wishes to remind Homeowners to be considerate of others in the management of pets. While “cleaning up” after pets is a given, allowing pets to roam free is a distinct danger to the pets and possibly small children. We have all seen animals on the neighborhood streets that have been killed-especially at night. Also, there have been at least two confirmed sightings of a coyote in the area. For all concerned, pets should not be allowed loose at any time/or should be closely supervised.

The  Annual Association Meeting Minutes have been published

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