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Grosse Pines Easter Egg Hunt

The 2014 Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for 1pm Sunday, April 13th, at Elton Court.

Children and grandchildren of all ages are welcome and should RSVP by April 9th to Kerry Roraff at (248) 656-2927.

Please drop off 12 pre-filled eggs per child to 1862 Elton Court; there will be a box on the front porch.

We encourage children to wear dress warm and wear snow or rain boots as it will most likely be very wet, but will hope for warm weather. We are working on making arrangements for the Easter bunny to be present but can’t confirm as of yet.

Rain date will be Saturday, April 19th.

Landscape Renovation Project

The Landscape Renovation Project, Phase One, the Walton Frontage, Four Entrance Corners plus East and West Sections of Walton were completed last year. The Board has developed a plan to begin Phase Two, which will include three major activities: 1) Plant 29 trees between pathway and curb along Walton in April, 2) Install new sprinkler system for all of Walton frontage (some of the work has already been completed last year), and 3) Finish planting trees and plants in the middle section of Walton based upon available funds.We expect all these activities to be completed by the end of May 2013.

Please be considerate of your neighbors!

The Board again wishes to remind Homeowners to be considerate of others in the management of pets. While “cleaning up” after pets is a given, allowing pets to roam free is a distinct danger to the pets and possibly small children. We have all seen animals on the neighborhood streets that have been killed-especially at night. Also, there have been at least two confirmed sightings of a coyote in the area. For all concerned, pets should not be allowed loose at any time/or should be closely supervised.

The  Annual Association Meeting Minutes have been published

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