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By-Laws Revisions

We have scheduled a Homeowners Meeting for September 27 at Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, Fellowship Hall, 1550 Walton Blvd., at 7 PM. This meeting will be strictly dedicated to the proposed By-Laws revisions.

  1. Homeowner Cover Letter
  2. By-Laws Revisions Executive Summary
  3. By-Laws Revision Ballot 2015
  4. By-Laws New 2015
  5. By-Laws Old 2003

Please be considerate of your neighbors!

The Board again wishes to remind Homeowners to be considerate of others in the management of pets. While cleaning up after pets is a given, allowing pets to roam free is a distinct danger to the pets and possibly small children. We have all seen animals on the neighborhood streets that have been killed—especially at night. Also, there have been at least two confirmed sightings of a coyote in the area. For all concerned, pets should not be allowed loose at any time and should be closely supervised.

The  Annual Association Meeting Minutes have been published

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