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New Association Board of Directors Appointed

At last year’s Annual Meeting the homeowners elected five new members to serve on the Board of Directors of Grosse Pines Association. We would like to welcome Douglas Handler, Jayne Harris, Mark Kosowski, Rich Santia, and Vince Rodman. Also, we would like to extend our most sincere thanks for the retiring Board member. First our president Al Bernat, who served the association for many years and will be an advisor to the Board for many more. Additionally, many thanks to Tom Peterson and David Pye for their loyal and dedicated service.

The Board is pleased to announce the new Board positions for 2016:

  • Douglas Handler…President
  • Jane Harris………..Vice-President
  • Donna Haller……..Secretary
  • Mark Kosowski…..Treasurer
  • Allison Myers…….Social
  • Chris Evanoff…….Maintenance/Landscape/Projects
  • Vince Rodman……Maintenance/Landscape/Projects
  • Rich Santia………..Maintenance/Landscape/Projects

Declaration of Restrictions

At last year’s Annual Meeting, The Board of Directors of the Grosse Pines Homeowners Association (GPHA) made a commitment to begin enforcing the association’s Declaration of Restrictions(DR). Recognizing the importance of compliance, last year with homeowners’ approval the associations By-laws were also revised to ensure consistency with the Declaration of Restrictions and provide specific guidelines for enforcement.   A complete copy of the DR is available here.

To facilitate the understanding of the restrictions the Board will be issuing and distributing a communications / educational package to all homeowners next week. The information will provide a summary of all the restrictions that homeowners need to comply with and that the Board will be enforcing. The sole purpose of the DR is to ensure the quality of our neighborhood and preservation of Grosse Pine as a desirable place to live

Landscape Renovation Project Update

The Landscape Renovation Project, Phase Three been completed. This includes the seven cul-de-sacs and the retention pond. We will be replacing six pine trees that did not survive the winter. Additionally, the entire Walton frontage will be mulched again this year, plus flowers will be planted on entrance corners.

The majority of this year will be spent on developing a plan to finalize the Entrances Signage requirements and design. Additionally, will also develop an overall Lighting Plan for the Walton Frontage.  Based on budgetary constraints, we do not anticipate to make any major expenditures on landscaping this year.

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